Beyond The Impossible

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What if the universe didn’t care about you?

If nothing about you mattered. If your life, your family, your world were just irrelevant in the grand scheme of things. If you could as well be nothing and the universe wouldn’t notice.

If your world were Drylon, it would drive you insane.

When time was young, the Drylon were obsessed with proving they owned the universe.

Their empire grew to conquer dozens of galaxies. Their weakest weapon could vaporize an entire solar system. Their technology laughed in the face of the impossible.

Five billion years ago, the Drylon disappeared. The legend goes that the Drylon waged war against the universe and lost. They lost so bad that hardly anybody remembers them.

Today, the universe is filled with gods and monsters and scary things born out of the burned ashes of the Drylon.

There is a planet called Earth where people believe their lives matter. The universe disagrees.

What if you could go beyond the impossible and prove the universe wrong?

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