The Luckless Mage of Greidwhen Academy

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Categories: genre:fantasy:sword and sorcery topic:school

Ever since she was a little girl, Lucy Hardtvelt has wanted to attend the same academy of magic her mother had graduated from, as well as compete in the same, famous Sorcerers Tournament hosted there every year. And finally, after having her application accepted, Lucy is jubilant to begin her first year at the prestigious Greidwhen Academy for Mages.

Unfortunately, Lucy soon finds that, unlike her mother, she herself has little to no aptitude in the magical arts—struggling to keep even the most basic of spells from blowing up in her face.

Now, having been given a harsh dose of reality, Lucy must find out if she has what it takes not only to survive at Greidwhen, but also the Sorcerer’s Tournament and its one-thousand contestants where the winner will be given the title of Champion Sorcerer, as well as the right to challenge the Celestial Mages—who are known to have been defeated only a handful of times…

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