Devouring of the Master

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Categories: genre:fantasy

Just when Shinichi thought his life would end, he was gifted a strange ability.

At his sleep, Shinichi was able to see the world's true form. All of the world's planes were visible to his eyes. His dreams seemed to act as a nexus where all life collided unknowingly. There he saw giant monstrosities walking through human civilisation as though they were nothing but ants and the humans themselves never noticed its presence. It was all strange and too much for Shinichi to comprehend.

Yet there was one thing he understood, before the dream drifts away, he always saw the figure of his mother, warning him of the end. The world's devouring has begun and it won't stop until everything's consumed.

Well... who cares about the end of the world anyways? Shinichi's broke and he has to take care of a man-child. He has other things to do. Whatever these dreams are, they are not going to help his current situation. Best to ignore it!

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