I Die Crushed by Catgirl pillows, Yet My Total And All-Consuming Love for Catgirls was Rewarded and I am Reborn In Another World, as a Princess! Then I Find Out My New World Has Catgirls, So I Will Aim to Create a Harem With All the Catgirls in The World!

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You ever think think this world was lacking something? Because I certainly always did. What is that, you may ask? ...Isn't it obvious? The answer, of course, is catgirls! I mean, there's not even a single one among several billions of people. How is that supposed to be fair! So that's why, when I die a painful death and get sent to another world...

...I'm sad for a moment, but then I realise my new world has catgirls! Unfortunately it seems like there's only, like, then of them in the whole world though... Eh, whatever. That's good enough for me, and thus I set out to make my own catgirl harem!

Whether it's a maid, a pair of twins living in a secluded village, my own sister, a fierce warrior, or a giant monster that tries to eat me every chance she gets... If she's a catgirl, I will make her mine! And things seem to go pretty well for a while, but eventually I start wondering if my love for catgirls maybe isn't strong enough yet...

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