False Stars

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Categories: genre:fantasy genre:fantasy:sword and sorcery

The fanatic Deacons of the Parallax offer their right eye in a dangerous ritual to the Sky Lady, Aurora. In doing so, they gain access to an otherworldly vision of the many pasts, presents, and futures by sacrificing their mortal sight to their immortal goddess.

Dao Rong, a young deacon of the order, could not see as the others did. All he saw was darkness, and all he felt was the starlight's fire burning through his skull. What he did see was Aurora's lies: the stars of the night sky were slowly dying and Aurora's religion was nothing but a ploy.

Questioning this, the deacons turned on Dao Rong and threatened to kill him. On the run, his exile triggers conflict and war throughout the lands between rival nations and orders. He saw what no one else saw when we all look up unto the night sky...

...he saw false stars...

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